I'm still unsure how to list my cart?

Absolutely, find more help by sending an E-Mail to info@coolkartclassifieds.com Or call us at 970-567-7509.

What size and format do my photos need to be?

Photos uploaded to Cool Kart Classifieds must be under 600 kB in size. If your photos are larger, you will need to decrease the size of the file.

The pixel dimensions of your photo should be set to 640 x 480 pixels. Photos that are smaller or larger may appear distorted on the site, as they will be shrunk or stretched to fit that size. Photos uploaded to Cool Karts Classifieds must be in .jpg (JPEG) or .gif file format. If your photo is in another format (.pdf, .bmp, etc.) you must convert your photo before you will be able to upload it.

What if I want to edit the price or information on my ad?

Not sure how to tell them to do this? How will the edit their ad if needed?

Once the item that was originally advertised has been sold, you will need to remove your ad from the website.

How can I sell a golf cart on Cool Kart Classifieds?

Individuals can post a classified ad on our site by clicking on the Sell For Free tab. Click on the tab from the homepage and simply fill out the form and add your pictures.

I have forgotten my password.

Not sure how to tell them to do this? Will they create an account? Or not need a password?

Can I advertise more than one item in a single ad?

Only one item and one price is allowed in each ad. Selling of multiple items with individual prices is not allowed. If you wish to sell multiple items then please fill out the form and submit pictures for each item you are selling.